About Me

When I was a child, the right lobe of my brain grew so large it was forced to devour the left lobe for nourishment. My concerned parents took me to see a specialist.

“She doodles all over the walls, doctor. She refuses to wear matching clothes, speaks to imaginary friends, and daydreams constantly. Look at her. She’s daydreaming now!”

“My god,” the doctor said, “I’ve never seen a case this bad. I hate to tell you this, but your daughter has severe artism.”

Keeping my artistic tendencies under control has been a lifelong battle. My disorder makes it impossible for me to have a typical 9-5 job. It is only a matter of time before I start finger painting with printer ink and folding important legal documents into tiny paper cranes. Fortunately, self-employment has given me the opportunity to work with a boss who truly understands me. I own and operate a small online clothing store. You can check it out here.

This blog is a creative outlet for my art and stories.


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  1. Don’t be a stranger! I love getting comments. 🙂

  2. Hey! Found you through FS so not completely a stranger I hope. Just wanted to say you have and awesome writing style and I’d love to see more of your opinions on your work and how that effects your life!

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