Natalie Jones stared at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It was almost 9:00am. She must have slept through the alarm, or she forgot to set it in the first place. Either option seemed viable.

For someone as absent-minded as Natalie, perpetual lateness was a fact of life.

So were burnt waffles…

…and mad dashes to school.

She might be a space cadet but she had the glutes of a goddess.

Natalie burst through the double doors of Community School for the Gifted. She couldn’t be late. Not on her first day of school.

She raced through the nearly empty hallway. The few students that lingered blurred together in a single stream of color.

“Watch where you’re going!” shouted an upperclassman. The warning came too late.

Natalie’s shoulder collided with his enormous ribcage. She took note of his varsity jacket – blue and white, the school’s official colors. He must be one of the alpha males.

Just my luck, Natalie thought.

She ignored the throbbing in her shoulder and kept running. The alpha male bellowed. She had unwittingly challenged him, and she would pay for it, but she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.

The warning bell rang. She had thirty seconds left to get to class. Natalie bolted around the corner when suddenly, WHAM!

She ran face first into a brick wall.

Only the brick wall was a person.

And the person was now lying unconscious on the floor.

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  1. ambatron says:

    School colors blue and white,eh? Sounds familiar. heh

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